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Show Facebook page - Inline Pop up

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[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]vB Version: 4.2.0[/COLOR][/B]

Shows Facebook LIKE social plugin to visitors inside forum area(without any new popup window) after specific time. You can control the timing by changing delay value.

Live demo : [url]http://collegers.net/forum.php[/url]

Check the README file in the attachment to implement it.

Disclaimer :

Imported the plugin from Wordpress plugin.
This Mod uses codes/files from fancybox.net and "fancybox for wordpress" plugin. It was built using the jQuery library.

Edit/Update : If you want the LIKE pop up to appear on every page load , change show_once every x days to 0


(edited on 17 Oct )
P.P.S : Support me to buy a new Macbook Pro. Please donate if this Mod helped you.
Wishlist : [url]http://www.amazon.com/gp/wishlist/35WEWZGXOJSQC/[/url]

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