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[ENGLISH] vBulletin Forum 4.2.2 - Alpha 1 [ NULLED G3 | DNU & MC KEY | VBWAREZ ]

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[CENTER][COLOR=#ff0000][B]/!\ Using nulled or keygen-ed vBulletin releases is dangerous, if your board is reported you will have to delete it because of DMCA, if you don't your host will do it for you /!\[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#ff0000][B]More Informations, click here: [URL="http://vbwarez.net/showthread.php/33-INFO-Nulled-and-Keygen"]Nulled and Keygen: The difference[/URL][/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#008000][B]Version:[/B][/COLOR] vBulletin Forum 4.2.2 - Alpha 1
[COLOR=#008000][B]Language:[/B][/COLOR] English
[COLOR=#008000][B]Ext:[/B] [/COLOR]PHP
[COLOR=#008000][B]Crack:[/B][/COLOR] Nulled. . . Removed customer verifications on install and upgrade process.

[COLOR=#008000][B]DNU: Tools.php KEY:[/B][/COLOR] [COLOR=#ee82ee]VBWAREZA6094[/COLOR]

Nulled by [COLOR=#ff0000][B]UnstucK[/B][/COLOR] @ [B][COLOR=#ff0000]vBWarez.net[/COLOR][/B]


[COLOR=#ff0000][B]Files to edit:[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#ff0000]->[/COLOR] Enter your SQL Informations (Server,Database,User,Pass,Port)

Now you are ready to go :)

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[quote name='bizmann']Can you please post only update from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2
So I have only to replace files...[/QUOTE]

Thats not possible..You have to follow the upgrade proceedure just in case tables are being created/deleted..
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