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VSa - Advanced Forum Rules

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[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]vB Version: 4.x.x[/COLOR][/B]

Advanced Forum Rules system for vBulletin.

Main Features:
-Rules shown on separate page (no file uploads required)
-Several sets of rules can be created and applied to individual forums
-Choose between BB codes and HTML in rules
-Options to force users to accept Forum Rules before can view forums or threads, post replies, PMs, or e-mails...
-Option to replace registration rules with this product ones
-Option to reset user acceptance status when infraction is received

View screenshots.

-Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

To set options:
Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > VSa - Advanced Forum Rules

v1.0 - Oct 06. 2005.
-First version
v4.0.2 - May 08. 2009.
-Latest vB 3.x version
v5.0 - Feb 17. 2010.
-Updated for vB 4
-Code optimized, some bugs fixed
v5.0.1 - Apr 18. 2010.
-Fixed: Link to Rules in forumdisplay
-Fixed: Ordered list parsing in Rules
v5.0.2 - Nov 21 2010.
-Fixed: Uncached template
-Fixed: Style issues on Rules page
-Fixed: Style issues on Manage Rules pages
-Fixed: Minor bugs
v5.0.3 - May 04 2011.
-Fixed: Security bug
v5.0.4 - May 06 2011.
-Fixed: vbseo users not able to switch rules
v5.0.5 - May 18 2011.
-Fixed: Security bug
-Improved rule acceptance check
v5.0.6 - May 22 2012.
-Compatible with vBulletin 4.2
-Increased number of maximum rule sets
-Fixed some minor bugs
v5.0.7 - May 26 2012.
-Fixed: Navbar link
v5.0.8 - Sep 17 2012.
-Fixed: Incorrect acceptance status for some users

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