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[OzzModz] Postbit Background For Specific Users

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[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]vB Version: 4.x.x[/COLOR][/B]

Another mod brought to you by,

Here is a small modification you can do to have a different background in the postbit, set to specific users, in postbit legacy.

To get this to work, follow the instructions in the attached, Postbit Background For Specific Users.txt file.

I don't have any screenshots at the moment, I'll try to get some. Or if some of you use this mod, please share a screenshot of what you have done.

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[quote name='Sniper29']How To change the height?[/QUOTE]

Need this too


[CODE].postbitlegacy .postbit_specific_user .username_container
margin-bottom: 50px;

edit; can't seem to set specific usergroup backgrounds and for regular users no background :( Edited by theersw
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