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Username Image For 4.1.x

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I'v made this mod work for vbulletin 4.1.x

Find "Postbit" in styles,


[code]<div class="username_container">
<vb:if condition="$post['userid']">
{vb:raw memberaction_dropdown}
{vb:raw post.onlinestatus}[/code]

and replace it with

[code]<div class="username_container">
<vb:if condition="$post['userid']">
<div id="postmenu_{vb:raw post.postid}">
<vb:if condition="$show['profile']">
<a href="member.php?{vb:raw session.sessionurl}u={vb:raw post.userid}">
<vb:if condition="$post['field5']">
<img src="{vb:raw post.field5}" border="0" /></a>
<vb:else />
{vb:raw memberaction_dropdown}</a>
{vb:raw post.onlinestatus}

You'll have to add your own fields, you can do that by going to admincp->User Profile Fields->Add new | then replace field5 in the code with field[B]NUMBER[/B] which you made the new field

if you have any questions, or need some help, add me on skype: theflash178

Thanks, Loaep [IMG]http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG]

~All credits to the maker of [URL]http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=198287[/URL] for this, all I did was convert the code.~

Video how to install this: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwRrZCcu6oI[/url]
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