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Add the time the page was generated at back!

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[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]vB Version: 5.0.x[/COLOR][/B]

This should typically work on 5.0.x:

On 5.0.2, in your footer template, find:

[CODE]<div id="footer-copyright">[/CODE]

Add after

[CODE]<div id="timeisstupid" class="gd-time h-left">All times are GMT<vb:if condition="$user['timezoneoffset'] != 0">{vb:raw user.timezoneoffset}</vb:if>. This page was generated at {vb:date 'timenow', {vb:raw vboptions.timeformat}}.</div>[/CODE]

Save, (ignore the error about you violating the copyright, old messages are stupid).

You should see the time as shown in the tiny preview.

I use generated at, because the guest cache by default is 10 min long, makes it more clear that the page might be cached in some cases.

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