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[ENGLISH] vBulletin Suite - 4.2.1 FULL [ NULLED G3 | DNU KEY | VBWAREZ ]

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[quote name='dingo']Maybe you can help..Please post back the details below..

Server Type
Web Server
PHP Max Post Size
PHP Maximum Upload Size
PHP Memory Limit
MySQL Version
MySQL Packet Size[/QUOTE]

Hope this will work:

Server Type: Linux
Web Server : Apache version 2.2.24
PHP : 5.3.26
PHP Max Post Size
PHP Maximum Upload Size: 20M
PHP Memory Limit: 400M
MySQL Version : 5.5.32-cll
MySQL Packet Size

btw I tried again using internet explorer, its also show me the error:
lol, having the same problem again

btw this time I run the setup from internet explorer, and it shows me this error:

"The server returned no response. This is probably due to a timeout setting. Please contact vBulletin Support for assistance" Edited by Moghal
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I keep getting a blank admincp page when installing suite, doesn't matter which version i install. However, when i install just the forums version, works fine. I have looked everywhere on vbulletin forums, and tried everything on them that i could find, re-upload files, make sure they are ascii format, do another clean install, server logs show no errors. anyone have any input on this? been googling for hours..thanks!
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Got errors :

[CODE]Unexpected Text:
<br />
<b>Strict Standards</b>: Declaration of vB_Database_Alter_MySQL::drop_index() should be compatible with vB_Database_Alter::drop_index() in
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
<message replace="0">Connection successful</message>
<status>Status: Installing, Step 2 of 7</status>

Please help.
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