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Username Colors "Online Users" (Like colorbars)

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[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]vB Version: 5.0.0[/COLOR][/B]

Like the other modifications for "usergroup colors" I could not get any working on current version.

Here is a template edit and it does work.
Style Manager> Style> Edit Templates> Widget Templates> widget_onlineusers

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Search for:[/COLOR][/B]

[CODE] <a href="{vb:url 'profile', {vb:raw user}}">{vb:raw user.username}</a><vb:if condition="++$onlineCount < count($onlineUsers)">, </vb:if>[/CODE]

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]and replace with:[/COLOR][/B]

[CODE]<p style="font-weight: bold;">
<a href="{vb:url 'profile', {vb:raw user}}"><vb:if condition="!empty($user['musername'])">{vb:raw user.musername}, <vb:else />{vb:raw user.username}</vb:if></a>

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