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ADD New Forum Board With Sub Links

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When Creating A New Board Such As " Blog Software Support " And Making Child Forums You Can Also Add Links In The New Forum Board Like This:

First Create Your New Forum Board
Now Create Child Forums For This New Forum Board " test1 , test2 , test3 "

Now Get The Links For Each Of The Child Forums ( test 1 , test 2 , test 3 ).
The Links Look Similar To This:


Now Get Your Favorite Text Editor And Paste Them There As Your Will Be Needing Them

The Code That We Will Be Using IS Simple:

[CODE]<a href="test1 link"><font color="red">test 1</font></a>[/CODE]

Now Open Your Forum Manager And Edit Your New Forum Board
In The Description Box Is Where You Will Put The Code:

That's It.

Play Around With The Font Color To Make A Different Color.

To Make The Link Bold You Place <b> Before The "test1" And </b> After It.
The Little Circle You see I Have Next To My Sub Links Is Called " HTML Special Characters " You Can Find Some Here [URL="http://www.degraeve.com/reference/specialcharacters.php"]HERE[/URL]
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