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vBWarez - Rest In Peace

vBWarez Rest In Peace

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vBWarez started in 2012, and I closed the doors in the end of 2016, for many personal reasons.

I always loved that project, it really was a tough decision for me to close the project, but I had to.

The goal of vBWarez was to provide content (CMS Releases, Plugins, Templates) and support to everyone, free of charge.

I have to say it was successful, with more than 1K members registrations every months.

The website is back, but only for archives purposes, nothing can be downloaded here anymore, do not expect me to release anything warez related.

This is the most recent backup I found for the website, it's lacking many months of activity, sorry about that I could not find the very last dump ...

I just wanted to say good bye, I did not have the chance to do so last time. So whoever see this post, I'm still alive yay 😄

Thanks to everyone who contributed, really appreciated.

It's been a good project, loved working on it.

I hope to see some old school members again, you can join our discord server if you want so we can talk ! 🙂 

This is the invite:



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