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vBWarez - Rest In Peace

Download Limit: 5 per 24 hours ????

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I see this on the banner
[QUOTE]Download Limit: 5 per 24 hours ![/QUOTE]

But I couldn't download any attachment.
Do we have to pay to download anything?

*note : trying to download a premuim mod Edited by c595673
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what makes sense?

for now I don't even know if this site is legit or scam
i don't know if content is safe or not
and i have only 1 stuff to download, so why I would pay here more than the legit product price?
doesn't make sense to me, if I knew that i would make no account here friend
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vBWarez is known for good and trusted warez Scripts just make a quick search on google ;)

Also you can download everything thats not premium only stuff.
If you just need one plugin and it's cheeper than 22€ for lifetime vBwarez - then i recomend, that you just buy the plugin.

We need the money from the premiumaccounts to buy new scripts and pay the server bills. Thats why there is premium only stuff on here.

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[quote name='NightWalker']The stuff you can download here for free are even better then from ones you gotta pay from vbulletin and imagen what would u get from premium section :D[/QUOTE]

Can confirm, premium section is amazeballs.
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