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New Thread Button Anywhere 1.6

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With mobile devices becoming more and more prevalent, the average IQ of people finding your site is declining...at a shocking pace. There was a time, not too long ago, before the pestilence of mobile devices and social media, that internet users were tech savvy people using desktop computers and forming complete sentences. Those were good times.

Increasingly, this new generation of internet users lacks the brain power to successfully navigate vBulletin's insuperable labyrinth consisting of "choose forum -> click forum -> click post new thread." To be honest, I don't particularly value such users or want them polluting the site with their pinhead musings, but hey, we've got to remain competitive and this requires dumbing things down a bit for the facebook junkies and iPhone users.

This product allows you do display a large, nearly impossible to miss button, directly below the breadcrumbs (on selected pages) that will make it easier for your users to post new threads. The added element consists of three parts: a message to the user welcoming them and instructing them on how to use the element to start a new thread, a dropdown menu from which they can choose a forum in which they have permission to post new threads (with forum categories in bold red and non-selectable), and a large button they can click once they have selected a forum which loads the newthread form to post a new thread in the forum they selected. You have 8 pre-defined linear gradient schemes (cross-browser compatible) from which to choose for the background color of the button, or you can use your own, with a choice to define separate schemes for each style using your StyleVars.



Dark version for Dark styles by Windowsguru (note in admincp you can change button colour mine is green for dark and green style:



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