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[DBTech] vBShout (vB5.1.x) v6.1.0a8 [Lite]

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This version is for vB5.1.x
All prior versions for vB5.0.x do not work on 5.1.x

Mod Version: 6.1.0a8, by DragonByte Tech (Coder)
Works on vB 5.1.1-5.2.x

[QUOTE] im using it on 5.1.9
where can i change design and how can i add smileys?

The vB5 version does not support a Smilies button. You can customise the templates via the Style Manager

[QUOTE] Customisable New Post / Thread Notifications
Any idea when these will be working...... or any other fixes made?

We're currently focusing on the xenForo version of vBShout, and [B][U]we have no current plans of developing for vB5 at this time[/U][/B].

29 Sep 2015, 14:10

Real name: Fillip & Iain



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Posted May 10th, 2016
I have made a number of corrections and additions to vBShout on vB5.1.9
Is there a place I can submit them for the next release?

You should also be aware of the fact that vBShout has not been tested on vB 5.1.9, and we have [B][U]no current plans of developing any more modifications for vB5[/U][/B] due to the amount of crippling issues and flaws of that platform.

Fillip Hannisdal
Founder & Programming Director
DragonByte Technologies [url]http://www.DragonByte-Tech.com[/url]

And there you have it.
All DBTech is abandoned on vB :( Not even accepting free help.
Going to try to add Smilies button as it is really missed, but not an easy task when even Coder can not do it.
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This is an unofficial update released by Coder.
It is still marked as 6.1.0a8 although it should be a9.
It has no affect on vB5.1.x forums but it resolves an ACP issue in vB5.2.x

Place it into core\admincp folder, replacing old one.

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