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vBWarez - Rest In Peace

vB 3/4/5 comparison

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It is no small wonder vB is losing support when one looks at the statistics released at vBulletin.com over the official releases.

VB3 Mod count - 1,379
VB4 Mod count - 1,840
VB5 Mod count - 45

VB3 Template mods - 474
VB4 Template mods - 621
VB5 Template mods - 15

VB3 Style releases - 394
VB4 Style releases - 373
VB5 Style releases - 11

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I know. I hear VB5 is hard to mod. Really sucks. I was thinking of going to xenforo its based on VB , its a little better the VB. If you want VB5 features but don't want to have limited style and mod support then go with xenforo. I will always be a supporter of VB4.
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I've tested vB5 and didn't like it - guess i'll stay with vB4 forever - with the mods you get any feature you need.
Just pretend vB5 never happened :D

XenoForo is good - but it also has it's good and bad points - it's still better than vB5 though - vB4 or XenoForo is my tip ^^
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I did it as it was the new BBD and had to update so many servers I didn't feel like going back.
If not for my ability at coding it would have been a mess.
I have put a great deal of time into getting 5.1.9 to work.
Too much work.
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