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Get your own [COLOR=#ff0000]@vbwarez.net[/COLOR] email address now !

[*][B]Secure Webmail (OX)
[*][B]Secure Email Storage (3 GB)[/B]
[*][B]Secure File Storage as Cloud Drive (1 GB)[/B]
[*][B]Powerful Anti-Spam Protection[/B]
[*][B]SMTP, IMAP, POP3[/B]
[*][B]Full Mobile Support[/B]
[*][B]Email Sync on Windows / Mac / iOS / Android[/B]
[*][B]Drive Sync on Windows / Mac / iOS / Android[/B]

Webmail is provided by OX Mail. See attached screenshots to get an idea of all the available features.

I used to have a gmail account as my primary email address, but now I switched to my own private email address using OX Webmail, I find it ... better, personal taste or not, figure it yourself by trying :blum3:

Get your own [B]vBWarez mailbox[/B] now ! Here is the deal:

[B]Pay 19.99€ now and unlock your mailbox for 1 year, renewal price will then be as low as 5€ per additional year, this is made in order to clean up un-used mailboxes.

For example if you purchase "[email protected]" now, next year you'll be able to renew it for 5.00€, and even if you do not renew it, the mailbox will be disabled but still registered to your vBWarez account, so nobody else could grab it instead of you without your approval, so there are no security leak with the actual system.



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