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vBWarez - Rest In Peace

vBulletin.org down again.

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[02:44 AM] mikesafl
: vbulletin sites are down
[02:46 AM] mikesafl
: been down for several hours that i know of [/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]Due to the discovery yesterday of unauthorised access to of one of the VBG servers it is possible the hacker may have gained access to other vb systems as well.

Therefore we have again taken the precaution of resetting all user password hashes.

To be able to login to the site you will need to use the lost password functionality.


We apologise for any inconvienience this may cause.

Read more (locally) ...
Fri, 25 Mar 2016 15:03:27 GMT[/QUOTE]

I thought perhaps they tried installing vB 5.2.x :censored: and the site crashed.
How sad is it when a software developer refuses to install their own code?
[QUOTE]Powered by vBulletinĀ® Version 3.8.10 Beta 1[/QUOTE]
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Fair enough.
Then again, I bit the bullet a year back and went from 4x to 5x.
With few exceptions, a well modded 5.1.9 can do most of what 3x and 4x can do. At least so far as what their site does.
Database import tools exist too.
I just find it peculiar that the newer the build releases are, the less anyone wants to use them.
Even I won't install 5.2.1 to my primary server and the official docs tell you not to use it on production servers either.
Most development is for 4x and 5x tends to be 2 years behind.
I find it an irony that even the developers don't want to use new builds.

On an off topic, my forum has passed 80,000 posts today :)
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As far as I been reading at vb.org is vbulletin 5 is leaning towards not being mod development friendly, even more so as it goes along, is this because vbulletin.com wants to
make it with self contained features with no mods to work with it? hard to say, but most mod developers gave up on it as this started to happen, not to mention the the exodus
to Xenforo a few years ago by many of the VB.org mod community. I have noticed a return of some of the people who discovered Xenforo isn't as great as it first appears to be, especially
the failed widget framework with its many bugs and dis-functionality
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