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[REQUEST] VBShout VB5 Beta?

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There is no official update at this time to support vB5.2.x

Most products which work on vB5.1.x do not work on vB5.2.x
The same goes for themes.
And because Product and Theme development are nearly 2 years behind build releases, you will either have to learn PHP and AJAX on your own and recode it or seek out 3rd party options.

Also, this site is more vB3x and 4x based, offering little support for 5x.

Although I test all builds, I use 5.1.9, the last stable build where most products and themes still work.
To be frank, the pros of the 5.2.x builds leaves a lot to be desired and the over 300 bugs added did not inspire much confidence in using 5.2
While 5.2.1 corrected more than 150 bugs it also broke all the products and themes, so one must question why vB even bothered with a release.
Perhaps they are trying to be more like Micro$oft :sarcastic:
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