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vBWarez - Rest In Peace

Admin and Mod Shields (PSDs included)

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Hi Everyone:

I "lifted" the shield from another site, but before that site banned me for all manner of uncertain reasons, the lead admin of that site give me the original PSD of the "Admin Shield" used by the "Community Admin" account, I have changed the color of the shield from a really cool looking blue, to either yellow (mod) or green (admin). In the attached ZIP file, I included the final badges used on one of my sites as examples, the original shield design (no letters or other additional layers), the original with a giant letter "A", the "Winx Club" logo used in my site badges.

Possible Ideas for Use:

[*]Modify Shield_Yellow or Shield_Green (Admin Components folder) to your specifications to create custom badges and give to your admins, mods, or any other special group to use as their avatars or profile pictures.
[*]use the PSDs and graphics in the sources folder along with your own modifications to create custom admin or mod badges
[*]modify any of the final badge PSDs to your liking


== original design unmodified

== green portal admin

== yellow portal mod

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