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Hi all.

I am having a problem installing vB 3.8.4 on my latest VPS server.

I first tried wampserver localhost but i can't even get to the install stage, about 6 - 7 errors come on the screen sying things like shutdown error class-core.php ect...

Then i tried setting up a cpanel and the first thing i did was DB and User with full Privileges setup, then i added the info to my config.php then i ran the install.php and this came up:


please let me know if you can help or even suggest something because my knowledge with these type of issues is 0 out of 10, i will pay you for your time if you could install it for me without any errors.

Thank you. Edited by ScoRpioNsPoinT
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I will guarantee you it is the php version being too high I changed mine to 5.6 and all sites had to upgrade their software

If you can, get php version 5.3.9 for your version of VB and all should be good, but you will be susceptible to hack attacks
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