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vBWarez - Rest In Peace

Can you feel the love?

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In doing my rounds of all the vB sites, I couldn't help notice that *censored again*, dictated by Devil, a.k.a. Zombie (banned on almost every vB site due to his hostile attitude) are running a X-mas theme, which features Snoopy towing a vBWarez banner :g_lol:

He must really be missing this place to be using the logo.
Of course, he is still here, just as another user.

I have to admit, the site is really shaping up. Too bad it has to be run by a magalomaniac.
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Snail criticizing gets you no where, the truth in the matter is you couldn't post your crap on vb crew because your patch's were untrusted (unofficial) and after telling us you didn't like vbwarez because they deleted most of your posts we have no sympathy for you... So now that your trying to make a second attempt back on vbwarez you think your somebody. well that's just special but no need to talk behind other peoples back in posts... just shows what kind of ignorant person you really are...
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Kids fighting. :dash:

vBWarez is a cracking/nulling/sharing community, if you ain't here for that then go away, we have no time for social stuff, teenagers looking for e-fame are nothing but annoying.

That's the difference, the only one. So just handle your own projects and stop talking, do things instead, stop wasting your time wtf.

Thread closed .....

@Moderators: next time close/move_to_trash this kind of thread please if I forget to do it myself, it's only leading to e-drama which is ... dumb :smoke:
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