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vB5.1.x Staff Banners

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vB5.1.x Banners
Inspired by Mehetts import of Ribbons code for vB4x I came up with this method for users of vB5.1.x

Place images into your root images folder (not core images).

In AdminCP
Styles & Themes, Styles Manager, Edit Template
CSS Templates

Add this code:
/* Start Banners */
display: block;
right: -20px;
width: 64px;
height: 64px;
/* End Banners */
Note you can change the banners size by changing the height and width values. Both should be the same value.
You can also fine tune the position by adjusting the top and right values.

Then in the template display_contenttype_threadview_header
Go down to around line 130.
Look for <!-- REPLY -->
And just above it, enter this code:
{vb:set userInfo, {vb:raw conversation.userinfo}}
{vb:set schemaAuthor.itemprop, name}
<vb:if condition="$userInfo['usertitle'] == 'Administrator' ">
<img class="banner-image" src="/Images/banner-Administrator.gif" />
<vb:else />
<vb:if condition="$userInfo['usertitle'] == 'Super Moderator' ">
<img class="banner-image" src="/Images/banner-supermod.gif" />
<vb:else />
<vb:if condition="$userInfo['usertitle'] == 'Moderator' ">
<img class="banner-image" src="/Images/banner-moderator.gif" />
<vb:else />
<vb:if condition="$userInfo['usertitle'] == 'V.I.P.' ">
<img class="banner-image" src="/Images/banner-VIP.gif" />
<vb:else />
<vb:if condition="$userInfo['usertitle'] == 'Banned Users' ">
<img class="banner-image" src="/Images/banner-BannedUser.gif" />

User titles can be found in User Titles. Under profiles, custom titles, one may also create special titles, such as V.I.P.
A members banner is also included, though not coded here.
A pspimage template is also provide for creating additional ribbons.


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