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Advanced BBCode Permissions

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[CENTER][SIZE=4]Advanced BBCode Permissions (Modified vB4.2.2 Version for vBwarez)[/SIZE][/CENTER]

[QUOTE]About this hack:
This hack will give you advanced control on BBCode. You will be able to define for each usergroup what BBCode they may or may not use. This hack works for both standard AND custom BB code!

Installation information on hack:

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Time to install: 10 seconds max[/QUOTE]

I modified this Plugin that was developed for vB3.5 to work with vBulletin4.x.x and with php5.4 and above.


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Unfortunately that is not possible with this mod, because the creator of a post will always be able to change the content of hi post (as long as editing is allowed)
You would need a mod, that adds a specific textfield below the post that can only be accesed by modrators.
i doon't know any mod with that abillity :/
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