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[B]Key Changes[/B]
[*]This release primarily focuses on stability with many bug fixes from both tickets and the bug tracker. In addition to dozens of fixes, important items include:
[*]When unflagging a member as a spammer, if any tasks are still queued to delete or hide the member's content the tasks will be cancelled. This is useful if you flag a user as a spammer and then immediately change your mind and unflagging the member.
[*]NO_STEP issue during upgrade should now be resolved
[*]Lists were not rebuilding correctly coming from 3.4.x
[*]Changed rebuild routines to not use internal embeds as it represents a change from the way content looked pre-upgrade
[*]There were some infinite redirect issues in some cases when Pages was used, particularly when the gateway file was used
[*]Fixed an issue related to core_cache and the task not running

[*]Version fixes an issue in a recent Google Chrome update that caused some pages to render poorly.

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