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vBWarez - Rest In Peace

vBWarez - 3rd Anniversary + Moderators ! (late)

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So ... yea ... i'm late again πŸ˜„

Forgive me πŸ’¨

vBWarez is now 3 years old ! One more successful year added to the counter.

Anniversay rank is available today ! For those who already are premium, if you want your Anniversary rank anyway, if you think you deserve it, contact me via private message with titleΒ 

[Anniversary] "Insert cool sentence here"

and tell me why you deserve such rank :fuck:

This year was great, but could have been better, of course few things needs to change, the most important one, I can't be alone on this project anymore. I need staff, moderators or whatever, my "irl" stuff is taking too much time I can't really help you guys as I used to do few years ago.

The project is growing bigger and bigger every year, staff is more than needed to continue, I already received several messages asking for the moderator rank, it's something that I need to focus on this coming week.

But few messages are too old, so today I'm asking you, to whoever is interested in joining the vBWarez staff, to contact me via private message with the following message title: [Moderator] - Nickname

What is needed for being a staff member ? And how many staff do you want ?
Well, activity and "patience" is more than required.
I don't want you to be 24/24 7/7, i'm not paying you for that, but if you join the staff crew, it's not for few weeks / months and it's because you want vBWarez to keep going.

It's going to be moderation, mainly. You must have an advanced knowledge of vBulletin, Xenforo or IP.Board (tell me in the moderator message what you know).

Helping other members with their board issues, cleaning the forums from spammers when I'm away is going to be the main task. Just help everything running smoothly and you'll be the perfect staff member.

I would need ~2/3 staff member to begin with. So yea talk about yourself in the message, and we'll discuss about that together πŸ™‚

End of story for the moderation needs, let's talk about the "revamp" awaited.

Revamp was "bigger" in my head, I started building my own website for vbwarez, in order to get "rid" of a forum look and be more attractive for the future.

Problem was the migration of everything, it's pain in the ass to get everything working properly on my new modal. So I paused that part of the revamp for now until I have more time & motivation.

So ... the "look" of the forum is going to change, to look "fresh", we have been using the same template since day one, time for some changes πŸ˜„

Of course now we are not only vBulletin related, this is part of the revamp, xenforo & ipboard joined the project, well almost, I need to finish how I handle the new releases of both, ip board is pain in the ass to get everything working thru my own servers (not rly pain in the ass, just boring).

And yea moderation, unstuck alone on vBWarez is no more (RIP Zombie btw).

To finish, I think that the incoming staff members are going to help me a lot, knowing that the members are handled & treated right is what I needed. (UnstucK as dictator wtf :fuck:)


Thanks everyone, the guests, leechers, members, donators, premiums, suppliers for ....... everything ! Without you vBWarez is nothing.


  • CtrlAltDel: Thanks tons for the IP.Board supply πŸ˜„ Was mooooooore than needed.
  • Darkseife: As usual, thanks for the huge supplies since day one.
  • Gekk0: I hate you. But still need to thank you for GFX, Donations, and others. Still hating you. Soon to be banned. :troll: #swagest_member
  • Deadmau5: Huge support, thanks for everything ! Give yourself a high five for me plz.
  • Telstar: Thanks to you, we also support Xenforo πŸ™‚ Nice supply !
  • SinisterOverlord: Thanks for the revamping donation ! Even if Leetchi sux #ban.
  • Reaper1345: Helping vbwarez members, really appreciated.
  • NightWalker: Old school member, helped tons of members.
  • mohalaci: vB 5 supplier, still, wtf is this guy a robot ? o_o
  • mlew2: weird nickname but helpful guy, helped tons of members aswell.
  • TAZ: Premium templates supply, neat πŸ™‚
  • windowsguru: for the guru. wtf ? :hsheep:

So the list is quite long, i must stop it. Sorry if I forgot anyone, it's just that too many people needs to be thanked, that I forgot few πŸ’¨

Wanted to tell something btw, if I'm late nowadays for the DBTech releases, it's mainly because "pet17" is not spamming anymore about the updates, shame on him !!!! :drinks:

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[quote name='UnstucK']SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Thanks everyone, the guests, leechers, members, donators, premiums, suppliers for ....... everything ! Without you vBWarez is nothing.

[*][B]CtrlAltDel:[/B] Thanks tons for the IP.Board supply :D Was mooooooore than needed.

You're welcome! :friends:
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