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IPS Community Suite 4 - Nulled

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Released 3 hours ago

This release primarily focuses on stability.

Many bug fixes from both tickets and the bug tracker
Some large performance improvements with focus on fetching posts, activity stream, and view new content.
Flag as Spammer no longer redirects you to the user's profile. It now just refreshes the page you were on. released to fix problems some clients were reporting with polls and missing templates. released to fix some common problems reported from clients.


Cut test license ( f-ii , a license is required , blocked) .
Removed chat ( does not work without a license )
Added the ability to change settings Licenses

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Not good Nulled, found some callhomes !

[PHP] /**
* Build IPS-External URL
* @param string $url
* @return \IPS\Http\Url
public static function ips( $url )
return new static( "https://remoteservices.invisionpower.com/{$url}/?version=" . \IPS\Application::getAvailableVersion('core'), FALSE );

I have files to fix that. but i can notshare files what is not my own ! Ask me in PM ( Only Null Author ) and i will send you it ! Edited by Xunil
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