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VSa - Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count

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[B]This product allows you to set permissions based on user’s post count for:[/B]
-viewing forum (threads listing),
-viewing threads content,
-creating new threads,
-replying to threads,
-viewing attachments,
-Viewing/Posting links/images and e-mail addresses,
-adding links to signatures
-voting on polls,
-sending private messages,
-sending e-mails,
-posting Visitor messages
-viewing Albums
-creating new Albums
-posting Picture comments
-viewing Social Groups
-creating new Social Groups
-posting Group messages

This will disallow members with no permissions to view forums/threads/posts/links through normal view, printthread, search, archive, thread preview. Note that you can set Forum/Thread Permissions for each forum/sub-forum separately. Screenshot shows additional options in Forum Manager and error messages shown to user when trying to view restricted area.

[B]How it works and why it's better than vB Promotions system?![/B]
Forum is shown on forumhome but with "Locked" icon and if you have no needed post count you'll get "no permission" error message. When you set this via vB Promotions system forum is hidden on forumhome and you must create additional usergroup to make all this working. When user collect needed amount of posts he will be able to access protected forum immediately. When you set this via vB Promotions system then user must wait until Promotions task is executed ... then he will be able to access protected forum. How much time user must wait it depends on settings in AdminCP/Scheduled Tasks... and if you set this to run every minute it pushes your server. If you set it to 2 or more minutes then user must wait more and more... and nobody like it.

Import XML file (as product) through AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

v1.0 - Sep 16.2005.
-First release
v4.4 - Jun 19. 2008.
-Latest 3.x version
v5.0 - Jan 23. 2010.
-Updated for vBulletin 4.x
-Option to hide or not "Last post info"
-Minor bugs fixed...
-Mod prefix (Cyb) changed to 'VSa'
v5.1 - May 02. 2010.
-Fixed: LPI hidden for excluded groups
-Fixed: Upgrade errors (vB3.x to vB4.x)
-Fixed: Some PHP errors, and minor bugs
v5.2 - May 26. 2012.
-New: Permissions applied to What's New/Activity streams
-New: Permissions applied to subscription logs in member profiles
-New: Warnings in messages replaced by "Hidden Content" where you get more info on click
-New: Disallow links/emails in signatures
-New: Disallow voting on polls
-Fixed: Threads visible in Search results
-Fixed: Links visible in post search results
-Fixed: Links visible in subscription emails
-Fixed: SendPM possible via BCC
-Fixed: PHP 5.3 errors
-Fixed: Style issues on "set all forums" page
-Fixed: Signature perminfo errors
-Fixed: Forum locks
-Fixed: Minor bugs
v5.2.1 - Jun 02. 2012.
-Minor bug fixed (submit form error phrase)

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