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VSa - Login To User Account

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This will allow forum administrators to simply login to user accounts (to test forum functions, permissions etc...). View screenshots.

-Import XML file (as product): AdminCP > Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

[B]To set options:[/B]
Go to: AdminCP > vBulletin Options > VSa - Login To User Account

v1.0 - May 20. 2006.
-Initial Release
v2.3 - Apr 11. 2009.
-Latest 3.x version
v3.0 - Jan 17. 2010.
-Updated for vBulletin 4.x
-Mod prefix (Cyb) changed to 'VSa'
v3.0.1 - Jan 17. 2010.
-Fixed bug with "fatal error" in ACP
-'Login As User' in memberinfo moved above [join date]
v3.0.2 - Jan 19. 2010.
-Fixed bug (permissions)
-Minor bugs fixed
v3.0.3 - Jan 27. 2010.
-Fixed bug: Users not able to view other's profile pics in memberinfo
-Fixed bug: Guests able to view 'Login As' link in some cases
v3.0.4 - Feb 26. 2010.
-Fixed: Error on import
-Fixed: Admin must click twice to Log-in to user account
-Fixed: Admin must log-out to go back if target user is banned
-Fixed: 'Set Admins' page style
-Fixed: Some minor bugs
-New: Set Admins able to read PMs
v3.0.5 - Feb 26. 2010.
-Fixed: Bug where user profiles are not accessible on some configs
v3.0.6 - May 16. 2011.
-Improved admin detection
-Minor bugs fixed

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[quote name='Smoker'][CODE]There is conflict between Dragon Byte Advanced Post Thanks Like and this mod.

If both are active the current activity on the About me use profile tab is not there.

Disable either product and it re-appears.


here is a hack to the mod the fixes the conflict...[/QUOTE]

thanks :nyam:
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