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vBWarez - Rest In Peace

vBWarez revamping ! Preparing 3rd anniversary.

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[quote name='iBrain']Lollllll, 300 instead of 30 is a mistake i would never make!
Btw, lemme know on decoding and msg if you need me i did this in the past but i never released it.[/QUOTE]

Well I could be interested in knowing your way to decode ionCube, actually i'm extracting the code from their loader, once it gets executed thru it basically.

But in some case (last case was MGC Chatbox), some variables are fkced up and dunno why .... liek missing value, constructors were also destroyed sometimes ...

weird shiet, didn't debug much yet, I started decoding it 4/5 days ago only
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[quote name='STR8H8TEx']Is there N English version of the donate lol. Can't understand it. Sorry lol.[/QUOTE]

Just to keep everyone here updated about the fundraising and the revamping.

So yea the 250.00€ are still "locked" for fraud checking. What does that mean ?

Basically, they are waiting for their bank approval to send the money, their bank is just waiting to see if anyone is complaining about the transactions, liek "it was not authorized".

They sent me an email 2 days ago saying that the bank's answer should come next week.

So yea the money is "pending".

Once I have the 250.00€, i'll re-create it with a 200.00€ goal (rewind: 450.00€ total) so if any of you want to participate, you will be able to.

Forget the "projets-de-papaunstug" one, it was created on another leetchi account because of the previous one being locked for fraud checking.

So once the situation is unlocked, I'll repost here.

Wait & see.
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Any of you used stolen credit card or anything to make the payment ?

[quote name='leetchi']

Your Leetchi account and the associated credit cards used by you and your entourage on our website have been blocked following our controls to fight against the cyber crime.

We are confident that your activities on our platform have been [COLOR=#ff0000]fraudulent[/COLOR].

We inform you that a complaint has been filled and sent to the specialized cyber-crime service of the [COLOR=#ff0000]French Police[/COLOR], the OCLCTIC.

For your information, acts of cyber-crime are punishable by seven years of prison and 100,000 in fines.

Compliance team
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[quote name='UnstucK']Updates soon :ninja: but yea revamping is still going[/QUOTE]

Best of luck! If you ever need a hand just shoot me a PM man. I'm always done to lend a hand to this site. Seeing as the DGT forums are like COMPLETELY dead this is my new home lol. Not sure why they even pay for a server to keep it up anymore, I go on like once a month and your lucky to see 3 new posts haha. But yea, glad to know there's still an underground site I can go to and be involved in!
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Unstuck know you have my support in whatever project you may endure in, this is my home now.
As much as I would really like to apply for a moderator position here, I won't because I work a lot in real life so my time is really limited throughout a day. On top of that I am running multiple websites as well as being paid to work on others for people aside from creating graphics.

If you need help Unstuck just let me know I will help however I can. If you revamp this forum to IPB or Xenforo & need any assistance coding wise or just installing addons because you may not have the time to let me know & I am there for you.
Either way I will be the eyes, ears, & hands of vBWarez.
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