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VSa - Auto Birthday Greeter

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[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]vB Version: 4.x.x[/COLOR][/B]

This hack automatically creates a birthday thread in the forum you select. Only members that allow their date of birth to be displayed will be listed, and age will be shown only for those who has chosen that. Members are shown in colors defined in usergroup settings. You can choose to exclude inactive members. Several users can be set as greeters (used randomly when posting). Thread will be created first time when someone loads forumhome after midnight.

-This executes 1 very simple query on forumhome/in target forum.
-mktime() error? Check out [URL="http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1993740&postcount=39"]this post[/URL].

-Import XML file (as product) through AdminCP: Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]

[B]To set options:[/B]
Go to: vBulletin Options > VSa - Auto Birthday Greeter

v1.0 - Aug 26. 2007.
-Initial release
v1.4 - May 03. 2008.
-Latest vb 3.x version
v2.0 - Feb 17 2010.
-Updated for vB 4
-Added option to disable smilies
v2.0.1 - Feb 28 2010.
-New: Proper Time is now automatically detected
-Fixed: Several compatibility issues
v2.0.2 - Feb 28 2010.
-Fixed: Bug with multiple threads created
v2.0.3 - Mar 02 2010.
-Fixed mktime errors
v2.0.4 - Sep 06 2010.
-Fixed: Another bug with multiple threads created
-Fixed: Minor bugs
v2.0.5 - Sep 16 2010.
-Fixed: Multiple threads
v2.0.6 - Sep 23 2010.
-Fixed: Wrong thread creation time

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[quote name='quang85vn']it's not work??? help me[/QUOTE]

It's not working*

Also I can not help you, because you do not tell us anything about your problem, so next time tell us what's wrong so we may be able to help, because only saying it doesn't work ... well okay it will be hard to guess what failed :)
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