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FusionCMS Cracked

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[COLOR="#00FF00"]FusionCMS a premium CMS for world of Warcraft private servers.
Officially cracked, by of course a [B]VBwarez member[/B].

[SIZE=4]What is FusionCMS?[/SIZE]
FusionCMS is a CMS for world of warcraft private servers.
It's one of the most used CMS's when it comes to World of Warcraft private servers.
But why did you crack it? Well thats a simple question, I dislike the fusionCMS staff.
They did not assist me when my licensekey got stolen, and simply told me to buy a new one.

To be honest, i did think about buying a second license but then i started thinking.
A World of Warcraft private server wouldn't be legal if you hosted it publicly,
Therefore FusionCMS uses content of Blizzard entertainment.
Hey! Thats not legal?!, absolutely true.
So im releasing this Nulled And Cracked version of FusionCMS for Free yes Free FusionCMS.
its at version 6.1.7 so yeah :)

[COLOR="#00FF00"][SIZE=4]Why did i crack it? well..[/SIZE]
The licenses are expensive, and i know from my own experience that people using the CMS really do not have a lot to spend.
Therefore i have been checking the code, and now finally i am releasing the cracked version of FusionCMS.
Their Development team claimed it couldn't be cracked, but fortunate it happened.
With some hints of PapaUnstuck.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="#EE82EE"][SIZE=4]Why choose FusionCMS Nulled?[/SIZE]
Built for the modern web.
It’s not the 90's anymore we believe a website should be more than just text.
Tons of features
Our module system allows anyone with PHP experience to create new features.
We can proudly say that no holes have been found in our system. (<---Lol)
The system is easy to use, for both your players and administrators.
Monitor your server
We publish lots of statistical data on the administrator panel for you to see.

Wide emulator support TrinityCore, MaNGoS, ArcEmu, SkyFire
Multi-host support Hosting your databases on different hosts is no problem.
Module-based hierarchy All features are individual modules which can be disabled.
Incredibly fast Heavily cached to improve performance and reduce database load.
Easy to install The installer software will guide you through the whole installation.[/COLOR]

There where alot things i had to check, since there where checks for the license hidden in Javascripts, PHP files
On each page loading it would delay loading 6000MS to check the license, and if a false reply returned Kaboom,
Your entire site would end up dead, with a message saying
[QUOTE]"This copy of FusionCMS has been terminated due to illegal usage. If you actually own a legit copy, please contact us at fusion.raxezdev.com"[/QUOTE] Well fusionCMS pardon my language but Haha, i cracked u feckers.


**links updated confirmed working 18-12-2014**

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[quote name='RevX90']I cant complete the key part either. (Tested on a legit Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition IIS)[/QUOTE]

I'm testing on windows vm in vmware on xampp. Everything else installs just perfectly and this just stands still at the key part. Even tested on my mac os x(mavricks 10.9 and yosemite 10.10.1) still stuck at the key screen
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[quote name='iBrain']Update tested and working, Thanks for reporting, error has been reproduced and fixed.[/QUOTE]

FYI: I'm using xmapp to test this before making it an actual site to make sure I like it and it runs smooth**

I get the first start install page just fine

I get to the customer key and I put nothing at first then I put random crap then tried vbwarez.net as in [img]http://i.imgur.com/3kIe1Bc.png[/img] this picture. Still can't get past this one screen
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