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vBWarez - Rest In Peace

vBWarez is now SSL encrypted

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As you may already have noticed, vBWarez is now using the HTTPS protocol.

So welcome on SSL vBWarez :)

ps: Report anything failing please, because of the mixed content error (https page trying to GET http page, browsers will block for security issues) it may happen, so if anything fails to load, please send me a private message.
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[quote name='pidje']hello Unstuk

would you have a tutorial for this encryption system ?

thanks :)[/QUOTE]

Why not, will (but you will need legitimate certificates tho)

[quote name='qaflat']Great!

Do you recommend using SSL for other sites[/QUOTE]

Well not really, depends on what you are doing.

ps: If you are selling then yes it's really recommended, otherwise it's more a "legitimate" lookalike business, the encryption is working and all but it's not necessary, rly.
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