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[HOW TO] Use vBWarez Keygen v2

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[quote name='NightWalker']Need help fox, I did all that even done this which was success -> [URL]http://vbwarez.net/showthread.php/2030-KEYGEN-Debug-your-server-[/URL]!

and I got this each time....[URL]http://prntscr.com/2b2pfv[/URL][/QUOTE]

make sure that after you upload everything that you:

use your ftp program and chmod all folders and files to 777

then run the keygen


********* save your customer information ********

delete the keygen.php

now chmod all folders back to 755
and all files back to 644

then after that completes run the install


do it right and you should have no problems.
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Nop, did what u said and still same thing, Idk but I am 99% sure I am doing it as it should :this:

I tried nulled, works like a charm but wanted with keygen cuz its little safer. Out of topic but , quick question if I get a offshore host does it matter is it nulled or with keygen?
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