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How to change the size of playing in vbtube?

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[COLOR="#FF0000"][B][SIZE=6]How to change the size of playing in vbtube[/SIZE][/B]?[/COLOR]

I have an vbtube 2.6.7 installed in vbulletin 4.2.x and all are working just fine,

My status in vbtube are just like below:

[B]SafeMode: Off | Upload: 1 | MaxFilesize: 20000M | MemoryLimit: 128M | MaxPostSize: 800M | MaxExecutionTime: 3000[/B]

I can upload nice, no problems, work the ffmpeg and flvtool2 tools , all ok, but the single problems are because when i want to play an video uploaded by me, bigger > 50Mb give me an error :


Video not found or access denied:



otherwise bellow 50 Mb video .mp4 or .flv [B]is work and play just fine [/B].

1. Where must to change the size to play and bigger?

If anyone can help me?
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I find the problem. I have an attack from some scam bots from softlayer.com , baidu , and others scams. I banned this IPs and all work just fine. So this are fixed. The banned was in .httaccess and httpd.conf , so all work just fine now. Sorry from any troubles. :)
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