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How to protect your vBulletin

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[SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR="#FFFF00"]If you have nulled vbulletin, here's a solution how to protect your forum from vbulletin.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
[COLOR="#FF0000"]This isn't safe 100%![/COLOR]

[COLOR="#00FFFF"]1. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][b]Rename admincp folder (best name is: a-85855410002000239-99685)[/b][/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]You can combine numbers and letters.[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#00FFFF"]2. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][b]Rename modcp folder (best name is: mod-cp-0220052247-0ffHyjf52)[/b][/COLOR]
[COLOR="#00FFFF"]3. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][b]Remove/Rename install folder[/b][/COLOR]
[COLOR="#00FFFF"]4. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][b]Create new .htaccess file in your root directory[/b][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial] [code]<Files .htaccess>
order allow,deny
deny from all

deny from vbulletin.com # vBulletin Hostname
deny from vbulletin.org # vBulletin Hostname
deny from vbulletin.net # vBulletin Hostname
deny from jelsoft.info # Jelsoft Hostname
deny from jelsoft.com # Jelsoft Hostname
deny from jelsoft.net # Jelsoft Hostname
deny from jelsoft.org # Jelsoft Hostname
deny from piratereports.com # Piratereports Hostname
deny from piratereports.net # Piratereports Hostname
deny from piratereports.org # Piratereports Hostname
deny from piratereports.info # Piratereports Hostname
deny from mailgate.piratereports.com # Hostname in conjunction with #Jelsoft IP#

deny from # Jelsoft IP #Mr Ice Man#
deny from # Piratereports.com Website IP
deny from # Piratereports.org and .net Website IP
deny from # Jelsoft Website IP Range [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/code]

[COLOR="#00FFFF"]5. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][b]If you have this files, delete them immediately
file_id.diz[/code] [/b][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#00FFFF"]6. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][b]Turn on vBulletin Copyright
[code]All times are GMT +2. The time now is 17:12.
Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.2
Copyright © 2014 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.[/code][/b][/COLOR]
[SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]If you do not have copyright you will be suspicious.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR="#00FFFF"]7. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][b]Make strong password for your account[/b][/COLOR] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Exapmle: 80gFj$][email protected][/COLOR]
[COLOR="#00FFFF"]8. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][b]CHMOD all php files to 644[/b][/COLOR]
[COLOR="#00FFFF"]9. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#FFFFFF"][b]Never allow HTML in posts,pm's or signatures.[/b][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#00FFFF"][SIZE=4]I hope I helped you! Good Luck![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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thanks for this share .htaccess i not good...because this ip change.....today this ip can be good but tomorrow ?
do you think let copyright is good if you have nulled ?
html allow only for modérator and admin is possible in configuration of vb...
and delete all copyright is better for nulled no ? (no report of link in footer).... it's with vb link they search and found you in first no ?
powere by vbulletin (easy to found all vb forum on google) ....
....it's just lots of peoples say...
and what do you think of this ?
we must delete or let it ? Edited by arthur
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well you say : If your forum is not really known you can leave copyright. They can't find you forum on google
but me i think : if they found you by google(or other) it's because you have copyright no ?
it's a (torture) complication......(power by vbulletin)
and sometimes we say me let it or delete it.......i would know really if someone here can answer correctly ???
just a question.....no worries...
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Footer Copyright Info

At The Bottom of Most vBulletin Installations, You Should See Something Similar To The Following:

Powered by: vBulletin® Copyright ©2000 - 2009, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.
Some People Claim It's Best To Leave This Intact Because If Your Site Is Stumbled Upon By vBulletin or Jelsoft, It Will Look More Legit.
I've Also Heard That Removing This Can Get You Into Even More Trouble.

Others, However, Claim That vBulletin & Jelsoft Use Search Results From Yahoo, Bing, Google, To Find vBulletin Sites.
When They Search, They Most Likely Use Bits & Pieces From This Line:

Powered by: vBulletin® Copyright ©2000 - 2009, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.
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Best thing to do is leave the copyright if using nulled, this way less problems being reported not keeping the copyright intact, even if purchased, vbulletin requests to leave the copyright intact and not removed...
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I was looking for something about nulled vbulletin and i found this "pa ne moze bas da se vidi,ali znas po copyright..pravi imaju da pise onde dole "vbulletin verzija i onde copyright informacije",a to uglavnom sklanjaju nullovani,ili ostave nulled by" i will translate for you.

And you can not really know are they nulled or real, but real ones have in footer, 'vbulletin version and copyright information there" And nulled vbulletin, they remove copyright"
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