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Thread: MGC Chatbox Evo

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    MGC Chatbox Evo

    vB Version: 4.2.x

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This mod is automatically compatible with vB3.6.x, vB3.7.x, vB3.8.x and vB4.x.x


    MGC Chatbox Evo is the most ever installed chatbox for vBulletin !

    It offers a new enhanced online experience to your members leading to increased time spent online of more than 25% by providing them with a new, more interactive, way to interact with each other.

    Important number of features
    High level of configurability to fit each users needs
    Channels system
    Many commands
    Bot system
    and more...

    ... makes MGC Chatbox Evo a must have for your forum !

    Detailed features

    Following is a non-exhaustive list:

    Simple install
    Ajax based with:
    Fast and Intelligent chats retrieval through javascript calls to server files (refresh delay configurable per usergroup)
    Edit/update by double-clicking on a chat
    Interact on chats through menus and javascript
    Many usergroup permissions to limit features according to usergroups
    Full configuration of the chatbox display:
    Size, position on forum pages, editor layout (either top/bottom input or left/right textarea) and position, number of chats displayed, ...
    Full configuration of the chats display:
    Authorized bbcodes selection, date/time options, avatar display, ...
    Possibility to create channels (unlimited number) with multiple configuration options:
    Warn user of new message when not active through blinking image and eventually sound notification
    Possibility to select on which specific page each is displayed
    Option to display the channel only for selected languages
    Usergroup/User permissions to access the channel
    Many commands available with usergroup/user permissions to access them:
    /me: well known IRC command
    /del: remove shouts (different possibilities of removal)
    /ignore: ignore shouts from another user
    /ban: ban user from chatbox
    /pm: send a private chat to another user
    /announcement: modify the announcement on top of the chatbox
    /slap: allow user to slap another user
    /team: chats sending between specified usergroups
    /l33t: I33t-ify a message
    /banchan: ban user from specific channel [PRO only]
    Forum activity notifications system in the chatbox:
    Different display options:
    In the chatbox melted with chats
    In the chatbox in a separate column
    In the vB4 sidebar or a custom sidebar for vB3
    Multiple notifications:
    New thread creation
    New post creation
    Post thanked (Abe's)
    New registrations (not included - separate product)
    IBProarcade highscore (not included - separate product)
    Bot system with set of predefined trigger chat and corresponding answers and automatic bot chats [PRO only]
    Archive system with statistics as well as download and search capabilities
    Possibility to display the list of users online in the chatbox
    Force anynomous to enter a username before chatting if they can access the chatbox
    Antiflood system
    Private chats feature through PM in tabs
    Optional sound notifications
    Inactive mode feature for server load optimization
    User statistics display in posts and profile
    Chatbox statistics display on forumhome
    Create thread from a chat [PRO only]
    CMS Integration (not included - separate product)
    vBAdvanced CMPS
    vBulletin 4 CMS
    Importers from other chatbox systems:
    cChatbox by Christrato [version 1.5]
    Cyb - Chatbox by Cybernetec [version 2.3]
    vBulletin 3.x Shoutbox 1.0 (AJAX) by DionDev [version 1.0]
    Dream's Chatbox by Dream [version 2.1.1]
    GSBOS by dinnerbone [version 1.0.5]
    Inferno vBShout Lite 2.5.0 by Inferno Tech [version 2.5.1 lite]
    vBShouts 2.0 by Zero Tolerance [version 2.0]
    MGC Chatbox by MGC [version 1.5]


    Refer to the readme for the chatbox install.


    Live demo on MGC Products forum


    German [Not yet updated]
    Serbian [Not yet updated]


    On my website mostly and in this thread


    Integration in IBProarcade is described in the readme.
    vBAdvanced CMPS and vBulletin 4 CMS integration are available as additional modules.


    This hack is compatible with vB3.6.x, vB3.7.x, vB3.8.x and vB4.x.x
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    Version 0.1.1 : 5 February 2008
    Minor corrections of the 0.1.1
    Version 0.1.2 : 6 February 2008
    Corrected bugs :
    Can see only when number of posts reached permission not working properly
    Image path error for not logged in users
    down9x9.gif not in all styles => replaced by menu_open.gif
    Color palette in acp not working in opera
    Version 0.2.0 : 16 February 2008
    Corrected bugs :
    PM could be seen by everyone that has pm command permissions when command attached to a channel
    Problem of username column width in chats (Opera)
    Problem of date column width in archives (Opera)
    Chat color defaulted to white instead of using forum default
    Inactive mode shows up while not being active on the forum
    Problem of date locals
    Menu shall not be displayed when chatbox is collasped
    New Features :
    Option to display the whosonline in a tab rather than under the chatbox
    Usergroup permission to display or not the prompt message in the input field
    Prompt message as an option instead of a phrase
    Easier channels creation, with only few clicks it's no possible to create the channel along with its attached command
    Version 0.2.1 : 19 February 2008
    Color selector problem in usercp and chatbox, only 2 colors are shown
    Time locale problem
    Version 0.3.0 : 26 February 2008
    Corrected bugs :
    First shout problem due to prompt message
    Popup menu not closing in Safari and Opera - Popup menu can now be closed by clicking again on the menu button
    Chat edit problem in archives : See removed features
    New Features :
    Sticky/Unsticky shouts (through a menu item)
    New option to allow smilies retrieval in admincp smilies manager set order
    Removed Features :
    Chatbox display in the archives
    Version 0.4.0 : 26 April 2008
    Corrected bugs :
    Compatibility with CRSF protection changes introduced in newer vBulletin version
    Sticky chat option displayed to users that doesn't have the right to use it
    Problem with opened menu disappearing when chatbox refreshes
    Menu commands not working in archives
    ACP smilies order working but not taking into account smilie categories orders
    New features :
    Hide general channel when only 1 channel in the chatbox
    Version 0.5.0 : 29 June 2008
    Corrected bugs :
    Channels won't display
    Missing space before the To in the PM chat displaying in Safari
    Channels usergroup permissions don't get displayed but still are taken into account
    Other users could see private messages in archives
    FR and EN ban commands files differences
    Chats sent by non registered users shown in stats while they shoudln't
    Sticky option disapeared
    Command options not displayed
    Shouts get removed when cron is set to 0 while they shouldn't
    Censored words are not hidden when used in a text command (like /me command)
    New features :
    Completion system to easier entering of commands (based on jQuery)
    Chatbox popups redesigned (based on jQuery)
    BBCODE email added
    Version 1.0.0 : 16 August 2008
    Corrected bugs
    Channel icons not blinking
    Chatbox autocomplete function firing error on pages without the chatbox in it
    New features
    Commands are now included in the chatbox thus simplifying chatbox install
    Intelligent chats reload system to improve performances and speed based on jQuery plugin (no more full reload)
    Commands now usable in all channels
    IP of the chat's author displayed in the menu on the left to users who can manage the chatbox

    Version 1.1.0 : 20 October 2008
    Corrected bugs
    Veuillez entre l'email not translated
    When chats display option is "Oldest first", the chatbox doesn't scroll to new chats on load
    Too much space between chats in collapsed mode
    Sticky chats not working immediatly (only after reload of the page)
    Chats doesn't get removed from the chatbox when the inactivity mode message is displayed
    The command permissions query shall not be ran at chatbox initial display when the chatbox autocompletion is inactive
    vBulletin confirm popup (logout or PM) have been reported by somes users as not displayed in IE when the chatbox is active (IE javascript triangle appears)
    Missing indicator.gif reported in FF console error
    Small template issues
    Banning user only start applying if the banned user refreshes his browser
    When using the delete command, older chats gets added on top instead of bottom or so on
    New features
    Changed url popup to also specify a text in addition to the link (optional)
    Option to show the chatbox collapsed by default
    Possibility to force unregistered users enter their name before they shout
    Actions logging like ban and remove (activation through option)
    Usergroup permission for the IP display feature
    Option to set the chatbox width
    Option to set the styles in which not to display the chatbox
    Usergroup styling taking into account in the users online list
    Display of a small avatar at the left of the username (option)
    Option to expand the bbcode/smilies lines by default
    New command : slap
    New syntaxes for the ban command to allow banning for a defined number of hours or days
    Version 2.0.2 : 25 December 2008
    Corrected bugs:
    Online users in a tab feature not working
    SQL error when the who is online in the chatbox feature is active
    Avatar feature is causing SQL error with vB 3.6 versions
    When new chats are set to be at the bottom, the chatbox doesn't scroll automatically to the bottom when changing of channel
    Slap command through the menu item when in a secondary channel leads to slaps being wronglu posted in the general channel
    When inactive mode on load option is set, a javascript error is fired in Firefox
    Online users in a tab exploses the chatbox template a bit
    Alternating colors for chats row doesn't work anymore
    Smilies retrieval order when set to be like in the admincp is not accurate
    jQuery loads on all forums pages while it shouldn't
    Add template name in HTML comments option causes the chat to be hidden in IE and shown horizontally in Firefox
    When sending a private chat to an other user through the dialog box fired upon press on the menu item, chat doesn't get sent if they contain double quotes
    New features:
    Importers from the following chatbox system: cChatbox v1.5, Cyb Chatbox v2.3, DionDev Shoutbox v1.0, Dream's Chatbox v2.1.1, GSBOS v1.0.5, Inferno vBShout Lite v2.5.0, MGC Chatbox v1.5
    Refresh rate is now based on a per usergroup basis instead of an option
    All javascript codes have been moved from jQuery to YUI (cleaner popups, autocomplete, and so on)
    Ajax calls have been changed to the new vBulletin standard using YUI connection manager
    Javascript files are now compressed to fasten the page load
    New option to display new thread or post notifications in the chatbox (uses forum permissions)
    Possibility to split the chats in 2 columns (one for the chats & one for the notifications)
    Shouts searching system in the archives
    Option to display the number of chats in the user profile or/and in the postbit
    Option to set the userids of users that can't be ignored by others
    Possibility to use BBCODES and/or smilies is now usergroup permissions based
    Option to set the chats vertical alignment
    Possibility to display the active channel name at the top of the chatbox
    Automatic refresh can be disabled through usergroup permissions
    New filter in the archives to limit the number of chats displayed (last day, last 2 days, last week, and so on...)
    New usergroup permission to limit users number of chats per 24H (dynamic) as well as a permission to stop automatic refresh when this limit is reached
    When the maximum number of chats per day is reached, a warning is displayed to the user in the chatbox
    Chats are now removed from the chats database when you remove a user from the forum
    New usergroup permission to set the default channel for each usergroup
    Version 2.1.0 : 6 February 2009
    Corrected bugs:
    Remove the shouts button in the archives doesn't work in IE6
    Pagenav in the search doesn't work, when clicking on a second page, it leads to a "User doesn't exist error message" instead of the searched chats
    Selecting "The beginning" in the archives send back to yesterday
    Blinking channel upon new message seems not to work
    Sometimes chats don't get sent but are when refreshing the page
    Special HTML characters are displayed as HTML code and not interpreted
    Database error in archives page when avatar display option is on
    When a user belongs to a primary usergroup that has access to a command but the secondary usergroup he also belongs to doesn't, menu items of the commands are not shown in the chatbox
    Strange behaviour of the chatbox when the whosonline is set to be in a tab and the separate chats and notifications options is on
    New features:
    Yesterday/Today date feature in the chatbox
    Avoid user to ban/ignore himself
    Hide top chatters box from archives when number is set to 0
    Option to load files locally instead from the yui server
    Option to filter some forum for notifications warnings
    Tick box in the archives to select all chats on a page for removal
    Configurable notification column width
    Possibility to separate notifications/real chats sql query
    Configuration notifications number when sql queries are separated
    Availability of sound notification upon new messages
    Hooks for further notifications plugin creation
    Version 2.2.0 : 6 February 2009
    Corrected bugs:
    SQL error when chats and notifications are in a separate SQL query and chatbox is minimized
    Chatbox doesn't scroll down automatically in IE7 when newest chats are set to be at the bottom
    Ajax error fired sporadically
    When clicking on view all chats of ... the displayed chats are those of the user clicking on the link instead of the other user
    If a thread/post is removed from the database and notification system is active, the notification chat is not removed from the database
    If a thread/post is supposed to be awaiting moderation, it's shown in the notifications while it shouldn't yet be
    Prefix missing in mgc chatbox 1.5
    Chats limit per 24 hour is not working properly
    Forum left to right align not taken into account in the chatbox
    Menu item in PM chats is redirecting to receiver of the message instead of author
    When BBCODE are off, setting the chatbox to be hidden in the usercp stop the user from being able to set it on again
    When chats are displayed as "newest at the bottom", the chatbox doesn't scroll correctly after a chat delete
    New features:
    vBShouts 2.0 importer
    New thread/post notification links redirect to last post
    Quote BBCODE support
    Sound notification upon new message in other channels as option
    Version 2.2.1 : 6 February 2009
    Corrected bugs:
    SQL error in when creating a new post with notifications active in the chatbox
    ARG4 undefined error message instead of the threadtitle in newpost notification
    Version 2.3.1 : 10 March 2009
    Corrected bugs:
    SQL error when trying to update counters in the admincp of the chatbox
    Sticky chats is not working
    Impossible to double click to edit a chat only containing an url Added edit chat item in menu
    SQL error in view all chats
    In Safari browser, an older chat is displayed at the top when chats and notifications are not in a separate query
    When changing channels order, if channel title right near chatbox name option is on, the displayed title is wrong
    SQL error when import from some chatbox when a username has a ' in it.
    Private chats are shown when Viewing all chats of a user while they shouldn't
    IBProarcade (latest version) integration doesn't work
    Autocompletion relative yui stuff is loaded while autocompletion is not active
    If align usernames and chats option is set and newest chat are at the bottom without notification column, chats aren't aligned
    New features:
    Added back /team command
    Chat retrievals query optimization
    Upgrade to YUI 2.7.0
    Change sound format to .swf
    WYSWYG input field
    Option to save user selected chat format without having to pass through usercp
    Version 2.3.2 : 7 April 2009
    Corrected bugs:
    Chats doesn't appear when chatbox is collapsed. See here for a fix
    PM sent to other user don't show other username color correctly : See here for a fix
    SQL error when moving a post to a new thread with inline mod
    Members that do not have permission to see the archives, can see the link to the archives.
    Apparently thread notifications is providing errors to some users
    When a user with username βᴬᴰᴵᴻf*ʋʒᴎƶɛ post a message, chatbox stuck to blank
    Anonymous can't chat
    Selecting a color and then going back to default doesn't set font back to default

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Ace! Cheers

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    good morning
    I want to install the product MGC_Chatbox_Evo_3.3.0
    And there's a folder with images to be sent to the styles folder. Uploaded Where do I find the styles folder.

    greetings Sopranos

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    Usually in the theme folder...MGC chat carries default path images as standard,but if you have a custom theme then you need to upload the contents of the image folder to your custom theme.
    Premium (Lifetime) 20

    A Small Price To Pay To Get It Sorted!!!

    Click HERE And Enjoy The Results....

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    any better chatbox for vb4 ? just need a simple layout likes VSa-Shoutbox (vb3).

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    Update v3.4.0

    Update in first post...

    Third part of the changelog :

    Version 3.4.0 : 2 september 2013
    Corrected bugs :
    #152: [BF] 404 error cannot find mgc_cb_evo/bf/clientscript/mgc_cb_evo_bf.js
    #140: Corrected some PHP 5.3 deprecated errors
    #133: Error when searching in the chats for '/'
    #160: Smileys don't get inserted when they contain ' in their code
    #141: Chatbox get collapsed when PM in tabs is activated in vB3.8.7
    #99: Color not displayed properly in dropdown in Chrome (Change of dropdown to dojo made ones)
    Menu action not working in vB3.8.7
    Modified features :
    #149: Users that can't use slap/me/I33t commands now see the chats made with those commands
    Multiple pages now in reports instead of a single page
    Who's in the chatbox refresh delay now in seconds to allow closer refreshes
    New functionnalities :
    New position for FORUMHOME, FORUMDISPLAY and SHOWTHREAD : manual placement in a var
    #116: Possibility to add wildcards '*' in the bot question for more enhanced triggers
    #32: New usergroup permission and new option in the user cp to allow user to disable notifications
    #162: Youtube bbcode support

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    A cool product!

    But, unfortunately not working on my board which is running on vB 4.1.4.

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    maybe you should upgrade... a lot more mods work using vb4.2.0

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