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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, First, vBWarez won't die ! So, you guys noticed several things these last few months. In fact i'm really inactive here, let me explain to you why. I'm currently having shitload of pro work to complete and vBWarez is a personal project that I love, and yea I must focus on my career. So you might think that vBWarez is in "zombie state" because I'm inactive, you are right and it's a shame. I started this project by myself, after 1 full year, it became successful, I promoted someone as administrator to help me out with the amount of work vBWarez requires. It worked well for almost 2 years, and we had to get rid of him. Nowadays vBWarez is being moderated by our beloved staff members. We also got hit by several DDOS waves, the website was not useable for at least 1 month, switching from online to offline every 2 hours or something. That problem is now fixed, and I will be aware of any threat toward vBWarez and will act fast to fix that new issue. Anyway, let's move the things that matters. I need help, well ... vBWarez need help. We need active contributors, I already wrote several posts explaining what I was doing to null / crack stuff. So you can grab that information and do it yourself. This project should be living even while I'm sleeping. So anyone who care about vBWarez, reply to that thread, and tell me what you think about the current situation, what could be done to keep vBWarez going, tell me how YOU can help the project
  2. Hello everyone, You might have noticed the fact that we've been offline for 48hours. vBWarez is tracked down by vBulletin & other companies because of our cracks. To stay online, we have to go offshore, and frequently move to another offshore provider. 2 months ago, I moved to alibabahost as a simple proxy to my final files & database. I guess they received a DMCA complaint and couldn't handle it. BUT, they just never warned me or anything, in fact, I never received any email, they just disabled my account, I was not able to renew the VPS nor anything, no more emails from them. Problem is now solved, but I recommend anyone NOT to buy from, it's pure scam.
  3. req

    HI ,.. In the product mediagallery 1.1.1 I want some php code to display latest audio itrms from database in the table mediagallery_items in cms Widget Any idea ??? Thanks for all
  4. Hello everyone ! We are back after 24 hours of maintenance yay ! Brand new website, after all everyone was tired of the old school looking vBWarez website since 2012 ... So here it is. The main goal now is to port old things to new & modernify it ! First, we must move everything downloadable to Downloads page, the forums will now be used for discussions only ! So if you have free time and feel like contributing, just go ahead, pick a file, upload it in the right Category in Downloads page, just check if it wasn't posted already More informations soon, btw, Sigma Keygen is also coming back, of course !
  5. vbwarez VBSocial 10 FOR VB5

    Version 5


  6. Version 3.8.9


    This release was nulled by Edit /includes/config.php with your SQL Informations.
  7. Hello everyone, I thought about adding to vBWarez. I just want to know what you think about it. On my side, I think this would allow more interest & motivation in contributing to the website. Vote now
  8. Sections are missing in Downloads.