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  1. If you know how to install one then just do the same thing for as many as you want
  2. [quote name='Desperado']I have bought my premium but there is still now upgrade. Anything that can be done for this? Thanks in advance.[/QUOTE] As we tell everyone else wait and Unstuck will get to you when he is online.
  3. Unstuck is the only one able to so it depends on his availability, has been busy recently so might take a little longer.......Usually within 24 hours though
  4. [quote name='NightWalker']You are still mixing phpbb with vbulletin, phpbb is open source forum and has nothing to do with vbulletin. First you gotta decide which forum software you wanna install, phpbb, mybb or vbulletin...[/QUOTE] [quote name='Reaper1345']for vBulletin you need just the php enviroment (should be preinstalled by your host) phpBB is another Forum script as vBulletin is. I guess you should inform yourself about php and basic server management (ftp, php etc) otherwise it will be hard to help. The Basic knowledge is necessary to work with any online software.
  5. [quote name='kaysu']by all this question i want to creat a vbulltin forum! what i need..??[/QUOTE] What you need to do is look around at a few forums to see which software you like best, then do alot of reading on your choice then if you still have issues on what to do and how to do it come here and plenty of guys will help you out IF you do your research first.
  6. mlew2

    Premium query

    Gets kind of tough when only 1 guy is running the show UNSTUCK does have a life I am sure outside of this site
  7. Not bad 10 minutes after asking
  8. We need alot more information then just can't install it....... first off Paid server??? or free hosting, are you just getting errors?? If so what are they?
  9. Retracted comment and sent PM explaining as to not get into a "pissing match" with anyone :good::good:
  10. [QUOTE] * spawn45 is member number 34900!* [09:11 PM] [05:17 PM] NightWalker : Hiho * Gamerz88 is member number 34950!* [05:22 AM] [06:54 PM] DemonWolf : @Deutschland: Can you post the VB 5.2.0 PL2 Patch on here. [11:15 AM] UnstucK : updates [11:15 AM] UnstucK : tonights [11:15 AM] UnstucK : dbtech [11:15 AM] UnstucK : vb [11:15 AM] UnstucK : yay [B][11:16 AM] UnstucK : will answer pms[/B] [11:16 AM] UnstucK : aswell [11:16 AM] UnstucK : [/QUOTE] Remember the man does have a life outside the site, He will get to it when he gets to it:good2:
  11. It has been said in shout that all updates and PMs will be taken care of tonight
  12. maybe I did misunderstand so I will shut my mouth, but if it is a tutorial you were trying to do both times they are in the wrong spots in my opinion(for what it is worth) OK back into shutup mode for me then
  13. [quote name='Deutschland']Nope, it is Bullshit posting Link. because Live version and Upload version can be different.[/QUOTE] BUT you will send people to another site to download it???? [url]https://vbwarez.net/threads/17497-Black-Stealth-5-SKINION[/url]
  14. Also to likely a lesser degree your site comes up with this URL hxxp://hdyouth.org// when opened......NOTICE 2 / at the end of it
  15. [quote name='Sk8cloud']I figured it out! Haha i followed what you said to look for, and I got it! Thanks for the help, I really do appreciate you replying to my thread.[/QUOTE] Glad to help
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