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  2. Yay! Enjoy the Star Ranks .
  3. Hey everyone hope you guys like the Brown Forum Ranks .;)
  4. [quote name='WhiteZombie']12 badges are included in this set. [IMG]http://i633.photobucket.com/albums/uu53/mansonklan/61867-1350867505-e6826ce39935decb1935ac28dc605071_zps9620a8bd.png[/IMG][/QUOTE] Heyyy i love it nice job bro:D:):) I would like to see if you can add this name 2 i need them System Donator Basic Member Premium Member
  5. Hey i just installed Vb 5.0 Last Version and i wana know why when i get into my ModCp i get this no image error. [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/b944n.jpg[/IMG]
  6. Hey i just installed Vbulletin 5 Beta 28 this 1 and everything is fine i just wana know why when i type mydomain/install/install.php I still see the button to install everything again anyway i can remove that?
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