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  1. Is there N English version of the donate lol. Can't understand it. Sorry lol.
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  3. dunno what to say bro but thank you! ur da man
  4. good job everyone! I'm starting to get back in to the business so ill be around more!!!! always glad to know we can always come back here.. wow didnt know i was here for 15 months
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  7. how would I add these in front of the user group names?
  8. welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy ur stay
  9. Just curious, how far can this complaint go? could it force you to shut down? Never had this problem before so not sure the out comes.
  10. I'm new to all this and I'm sure we all new this with some of the stupid questions I've asked in the past. I'm going to be honest here all I've done was delete my install file. I don't under stand the chmod lol, I know said but I don't all this is new to me. So your saying I'm not safe with just deleting the install folder? I know nothing is 100%
  11. do a search on the forums. this topics been talked alot. If your doing a business site and not interested in a lot of mods, then do vb5. However if your going something along the lines of gaming then take vb4 it's way more stable and offers a lot more features mod wise.
  12. do you have a link or a business card I can look at?
  13. this topics been hammered to death since I've join lol. Your new, but next time make sure you do a search cause I'm sure if you would of put "server" or "hosting" something would of popped up for ya. No biggie we all needed to learn the ropes along the way, just a heads up for next time. Take a look in my signature, he's a cheap hosting company that's off sure, that accepts vbulletin null, well thats what they say anyhow. let'em know str8h8te sent ya ( i use this server too)
  14. @unstuck - can you start up a fund for dbtech mods only? Meaning let us donate so we can buy 4 and get 2 free. If enough donate we could do this. I think we would need like 100-150 to buy around 4 mods. low ball 10 ppl gives 10 bucks is a savings for all of us!
  15. [quote name='dingo']Welcome on board..Nice intro, any problems just shout.:on_the_quiet2:[/QUOTE] Deff a good way to start off your career with in this in this site lol..welcome
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