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  1. hi thanks for it but were in the .htaccess file: do i have to past it :[url]http://lunaticoutpost.com/block-tor.php[/url] at the top or bottom?
  2. hi look here [url]https://vbwarez.net/forums/38-VB-4-Template-Modifications[/url] lots of custom stuff
  3. i have my site over 3 years now i have see lots of sites go down but all from donation from paypal i have a good hosting in the netherlands he knows what i,m doing and when i have to shotdown my ste i start over
  4. I have a movie,music, software,and other stuff site now is my question is it aloud in the signature to ad my site
  5. Thanks for it looks nice
  6. merry xmas to all good to be back ihave mist it great work
  7. Hi take this [url]http://vbwarez.net/showthread.php/1004-GlowHost-Spam-O-Matic-Spam-Firewall-stops-forum-spam?highlight=GlowHost[/url] goto [url]http://www.stopforumspam.com/[/url] and get a API key after instal this its not necessary proxy or captcha what you stil need AdminCP Firewall or DragonByte Tech: vBSecurity (Pro)
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