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  1. i am seeing this now! and i think phpbb is verygood ! [url]http://www.forum-software.org/forum-comparator/mybb-vs-phpbb3[/url]
  2. [quote name='PhantomGamerz']Ok you need - [LIST=1] [*]Your FTP Details [*]A Copy of the forum software of your choosing (vbulletin i assume from your previous comments) [*]Your web hosting provider to have PHP minimum 5.6 installed [*]a MySQL database to link your forum to [*]Some basic computer skills to put it all together [/LIST][/QUOTE] i payed 300$ for a Host already, / what do u meen by a copy? to instal a vbulltenin forum i think i must instal "application of "phpbb"! or that's somthing else? / the "MYSQL database i think it's in the host right,? i'am LOST / :
  3. by all this question i want to creat a vbulltin forum! what i need..??
  4. [quote name='DXBoter']phpBB is another Forum Software!! Click > [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PhpBB][B][U]phpBB Wikipedia[/U][/B][/url] so for exemple this forum work with phpbb? and by the way i thank you for ur help! :) ]
  5. [CENTER][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]Hi guy's am a new member , hope all of you are fine, so my probleme is that i want to creat a forum i paid for a host and all and now i need to know to install a vbulltin forum must i have "phpbb" or "mybb" ! i think it's phpbb but i am not sure! so that's the first thing , - i just read here that if i install a cracked version of a forum he will be deleted automaticly from the host here!: [url]https://vbwarez.net/threads/8640-ENGLISH-vBulletin-Forum-4-2-2-NULLED-G3-DNU-amp-MC-KEY-VBWAREZ[/url] and i don'
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