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  1. He's just want to SELL it, NOT to share it! :fie: Bán trên đây mà xài nick đen ai dám mua đâu đồng chí ơi :derisive:
  2. [quote name='topfloordjs']Cometchat is so much better (once configured correctly).[/QUOTE] I'm deal with it. :D
  3. Right click to Error Image in your Forum, see the link of that. Try to edit Image folder right link. F5 & Enjoy :)
  4. Can you convert it for vbb 4.2.2 sir? :g_smile:
  5. On the way to better. Thanks papaUnstuck. Happy holidays in Panama. :D
  6. [quote name='windowsguru']old thread..dead[/QUOTE] Yes, sir. Do you know any site same like that's sir?
  7. papaUnstuck in a holidays bro. :D
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