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  1. Are there any other shouts out there that have sound that work and doesn't act retarded ? I mean the sound on refreshing is such a bad idea!
  2. Thats what I ended up having to do :( I need to figure a way to install the mgc shoutbox a 2nd time it least the sound works like it supposed to on that one.
  3. Does anyone know a way to only disable the sound for when the shoutbox refreshes ? I like the sounds in general but the big problem I have found with every install of any of the db shouts old or new it still does the same thing. I read online before that they tried to say it was the browser issue causing the sound going off at random but seriously how many years has this problem existed?! I need two shout systems in place that have sound, and they both need to be separate windows that can be on the same page and both be viewed at the same time. I would use MGC Chatbox Evo v3.4.0 a 2nd time si
  4. I am really not skilled enough to do that. Can anyone help me ?
  5. lol I just wanted to make sure cause smaller things are known to crash everything !
  6. Well just wanted to see if anyone had experience doing it that way or maybe even a fix to make the other have the 2nd channel in a different location. I don't want to crash everything lol also does anyone know if you can change the sound file to something else ?
  7. This may be a strange question to be asking!! But is there anyway to install this twice and have one box above the other ? I had tried creating a separate channel but it will not display the chatbox in another location. I am trying to use one for staff chat and one for everyone else and using the tabbed feature is not the way to go on this one!
  8. [quote name='Snail']It is an issue I have been endeavoring for some time to resolve. So far, I have only slightly improved on the annoyance, but not fixed it. It is a 3 part problem. 1. The vBSout core.js is not fully compatible with vB5.1.x up. It was made ONLY for vB5.0.x and DBTech has stated they have no intention of doingg further development. 2. the InstanceID trigger is not compatible with vB5.1.x up and it is what checks for NEW posts to POP on but instead treats every post as new. 3. the AJAX automatic update system keeps triggering the InstanceID which calls the pop.ogg file.
  9. Or does anyone know of anything that works better and has sound notifcations that don't randomly chime for no good reason!
  10. Does anyone have any idea why vBShout v6.2.15 likes to make random sounds when you have sound enabled ? No one is sending messages or anything and it likes to make the notification for no reason at all!
  11. Does anyone know how to stop post count from going down on the site stats and user stats if a post is deleted? Thanks in advance
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