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  1. Need to be specific on what forum/cms software your using, how do u expect anyone to give u an answer without that? lol. For browser only use what demon said above.
  2. [COLOR=#00ffff][B]Non-Suit Fixes:[/B][/COLOR] [url]https://vbwarez.net/threads/17899-vBulletin-4-2-3-Patch-Level-1-(Patch-only)?p=44113&viewfull=1#post44113[/url] [COLOR=#ffd700][B]Suite Fixes:[/B][/COLOR] [url]https://vbwarez.net/threads/17899-vBulletin-4-2-3-Patch-Level-1-(Patch-only)?p=44129&viewfull=1#post44129[/url]
  3. [quote name='Translucent']What about those who aren't able to access those files?[/QUOTE] I'm sure unstuck won't forget about anyone and more then likely his post above is automated based on a RSS feed. [QUOTE]The issue could potentially allow attackers to perform SQL Injection attacks via the included Forumrunner add-on.[/QUOTE] Anyways by reading ^^ what they said in the official announcement it mostly effects forumrunner, so i would disable it for the time being if u do or don't use it.
  4. [quote name='RickyBobby']Well just wanted to see if anyone had experience doing it that way or maybe even a fix to make the other have the 2nd channel in a different location. I don't want to crash everything lol also does anyone know if you can change the sound file to something else ?[/QUOTE] Renaming a fresh one and uploading it wouldn't crash anything....
  5. rename file names and vars, then upload that and install it lol.
  6. [url]http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_background.asp[/url] [B]addtional.css:[/B] [code] html { background: #000 url('PATH TO IMAGE') no-repeat top center; } [/code]
  7. I tried it, its pretty basic no offense but i guess thats its intention. Not super hard to replicate in vb.net either: [code] Imports System.Text Imports System.Security.Cryptography Private Function LetsHashVB(ByVal str As String) As String Dim md5 As MD5 = MD5CryptoServiceProvider.Create Dim hashed As Byte() = md5.ComputeHash(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(str)) Dim sb As New StringBuilder For i As Integer = 0 To hashed.Length - 1 sb.AppendFormat("{0:x2}", hashed(i)) Next Return sb.ToString End Function
  8. Feedback... 1. The file should not be an installer, if people need runtimes then maybe you should inform them instead of forcing the download. 2. If you already have the existing runtimes installed, the installer will indeed crash and not install. 3. The TOS, installer is all in german yet this is a english community, how can u expect anyone to install something they cannot read? 4. Lastly, the file is actually broken and doesnt install lol. Error Log: [code] PLATFORM VERSION INFO Windows : 10.0.10586.0 (Win32NT) Common Language Runtime : 4.0.30319.42000 System.Deployment.dl
  9. If u remove the float:right from the element "Download Limit: 5 per 24 hours !" the shadow will go away from the span, to keep it right and keep it responsive this will work: [code] margin-left: 86%; [/code] So: [code] <span class="right"><span style="color: #C40000;"><b>Download Limit:</b></span> <span style="color: #239300;"><b>5 per 24 hours !</b></span><br> </span> [/code] Would become: [code] <span style="margin-left:85%;"><span style="color: #C40000;"><b>Download Limit:</
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