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  1. [quote name='windowsguru']try going to built with site and it will give you a complete breakdown of all elements [URL="http://builtwith.com/"]http://builtwith.com/ [/URL] results of second link: [url]http://builtwith.com/?http%3a%2f%2fwww.bodymorphpros.com%2fforums%2fgallery.php[/url][/QUOTE] Thank you and yes I've tried that and havent got much. I've read through the source code on both sites. Guess I will have to just create a page and DB links like so :(
  2. [quote name='someuser']The first Google result for Galleriffic says it's a jQuery thing. Google is your friend. :tease:[/QUOTE] Lol thanks, but havent found much on it. 2-3 sites i know utilize this same layout and design, so hopefully wont be hard to find or replicate. I'd be willing to pay someone to replicate this if needed
  3. [quote name='Reaper1345']That doesn't look like a Plugin. I would say, that is just a custom vB-page with custom template. not much work ^^ But it COULD be this Plugin - [url]http://www.photopost.com/[/url] I never used it so i am not sure. Couldn't find a hint in the sourcecode of the website (didn't had much time to search) greetz[/QUOTE] Thank you, I have not found any source code as well except Advanced Galleriffic Gallery [ATTACH]11124[/ATTACH]
  4. Looking to see how these galleries are made with Vbulletin. Any help or ideas would be great as I am trying to create this format myself for an event. I am not trying to share links but figure out this layout Below are sites with examples [url]http://gallery.rxmuscle.com/[/url] [url]http://www.bodymorphpros.com/forums/gallery.php?contest=32&year=2015[/url] Thank you in advance
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