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  1. Showing the premium forums allows the member to preview what we offer and then they can decide if they want to purchase the premium downloads... I always like to see what I am buying before I fork over the bucks...
  2. Sorry to hear you didnt understand the trial purchase... but you can always purchase the premium for a bit more for what you want...
  3. only vb4 mods with vb4 LOL
  4. as in the rules anyone caught leeching content will be banned... posting premium content on other sites is leeching content and is bullshit... this will soon be changed with new sigma for all premium mods... stay tuned...
  5. use them however you want, they were made for xbox users....
  6. Installation Instructions included with the download...
  7. vb4 dont know of any portal system for vb5
  8. ahh ok didnt want to confuse members if they tried to download a nulled version and use the new keygen method....
  9. whos providing the original copies Unstuck or ARE MEMBERS DOWNLOADING THE KEYGEN ONES POSTED ALREADY?
  10. it works but i have also seen it kill dozens of forums when it does not... 50/50 chance!
  11. this has all been discussed already, be sure to search thorougly before starting a new thread...
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