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  1. [quote name='cskocz']I don't fuck with yooou[/QUOTE] I wouldn't fuck with me either. That's how people lose eyes. Dicks too! Man I'd just watch out.... [IMG]http://media3.giphy.com/media/2IodIF8KIFaM0/200_s.gif[/IMG]
  2. No, none of you actually know me. I don't post much at all. Although I do watch. I've been here almost since the start of this forum. I joined a few months after it was founded in 2012 by Unstuck and became apart of the first group that became premium. Unstuck has done an amazing job with this community. He's really built it up and unlike many communities of the same brand he was able to successfully give VB the middle finger and have enough left over to continue the fight. I'm sure they're pissed as hell about him...but what can they do given the circumstances. Noth
  3. Never had an issue personally. I'll buy it when it becomes worth it IMO. [quote name='reeckz']I don't get why US Corporations think American law applies everywhere. But they have yet to send a proper copyright infringement notice, once they do we'll properly just go legit and let that be that.[/QUOTE] It has nothing to do with US law. These are international laws. Some countries don't recognize them however. You might note that Jelsoft, who created and formerly owned VB, is located in Britain, and before selling aggressively took out piracy. The new owners, Internet B
  4. Pirate


    So remove the back links? There's not a big change you'll be tracked down by back links. Consider the amount of nulls on the web and how many people are too lazy to edit out back links. VB probably gets millions of hits a day. I wouldn't worry too much about it, and if you do, just edit the backlinks out.
  5. Interesting. Where is the [Start at 6€] one? It only appears to have the 10 one. All this euro is confusing, you might help your cause by tons if you put USD conversion there too. I have no idea what a 6 weird backwards E with too many prongs shape is anyways :g_x:
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