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  1. All the information here [CODE]http://vbsocial.com/visia-vbulletin-5-style/[/CODE] comes with .PSD dont forget to thanks and +like. Just some love for the FUBAR here
  2. Based off the popular vBSocial.com Green SEO Theme for vBulletin 4, this one is built for vBulletin 5 and is our first vBulletin 5 themes Compatible with latest version of vBulletin 5. Theme features: -Very light -Clean, professional green theme -This is the Ultimate package <3 Fubar <3 Comes with .PSD files for the logos also :)
  3. This is the Ultimate version to vBsocial 10 by vBsocial for your website. Information here: [CODE]http://vbsocial.com/shop/vbsocial-10-vb5/[/CODE] You'll find this line in the XML file. Simply remove everything from Plugin [CODE] </plugin> <plugin active="1" executionorder="5"> <title>attributes</title> <hookname>global_bootstrap_init_start</hookname> <phpcode><![CDATA[// There is no "branding free" license available. This must stay in place if you wish to use it. { $vbulletin->options['
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