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  1. [quote name='Snail']This is the Russian group, vBSupport, release of Beta 2. It is in English and it is nulled. I've been testing this release for nearly 2 weeks now. Keep in mind, it was released some 6 months ago. Lots of bug fixes. Lots of bugs added. Most Products and themes compatible with 5.1.x are broken. As I've heavily modded my 5.1.9 and it is working, I won't be attempting a full upgrade until Release Candidate 2 or newer is made available, which corrects another 150 bugs just in RC1 and fixes the RSS Aggregator which has been broken in all beta releases up o
  2. [CODE][COLOR="#008000"]Version:[/COLOR] Vbulletin 5.2.0 [COLOR="#008000"]Language:[/COLOR] English [COLOR="#008000"]Ext:[/COLOR] PHP version 5.4.0 or greater [COLOR="#008000"]Crack:[/COLOR] Nulled. . . Removed customer verifications on install and upgrade process. [/CODE] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Files to edit:[/COLOR] [COLOR="#008000"]RENAME:[/COLOR] /config.php [COLOR="#008000"]Rename & Edit:[/COLOR] /core/includes/config.php [COLOR="#FF0000"]Download:[/COLOR] [url]https://mega.nz/#!50EESJjZ!tHY8uoppsk4rKF3ULk12JMr2atAhnyd_Nj64XWTRfXA[/url] Enjoy........ [COLOR="#FF0000
  3. why u delete my thread for realese vbulletin 4.2.3 beta 1 ??????
  4. what releases u using and give screenshot
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