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  1. Not really all but yes, i let the code open because i do not like some people say i infect theyr or else.
  2. Stfu motherucker, you named me bastardo. Okay i will find you amigo, ratto
  3. File repacked and reuploaded to virustotal :) Check again please.
  4. I do not accept a showoff how to null it.. my null has no callback, i can't find another, you can check it.
  5. Any stupid peoples in few years using real name :) Thats not a secret. Make it like this : [url]http://who.is/whois/vbwarez.net[/url] pr this : [url]http://who.is/whois/script-devilz.to[/url] If you are not able to protect yourself with nulling software, you should not use it, a real name and real email to use are very stupid. ask in any community.
  6. Use 7Zip ... Winrar are Bullshit, i only use 7Zip :)
  7. Shit happens, it can be possible that you under advice ... And i say to all yesterday, COMPLETE redownload, because have delete some nulled stuff... if you do not read what i write and if you do not redownload and reupload ALL files, it is not my problem. Ans another one is, NEVER use NULLED Stuff for Product mode or with your REAL Name ! ... On my last Upload, the hidden Callhome was deleted ; [url]http://prntscr.com/aucexu[/url]
  8. Than you will wait if i tested it from home, actualy i am in the office
  9. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lpATwT8.png[/IMG][/CENTER] With this small tool you can generate your own vBulletin serial number. This is version 1 In version 2 the tool will change the serial in the filesfor you :) Virustotal : [URL]https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/f0bddbac2378ac92f6ce8e0ccb7cf537255e0b3802db933803ac4c9197212aca/analysis/1461328593/[/URL] (Now 2/56) please do not ask me why, you can decode it. It is VB.NET Download : [ATTACH]11228[/ATTACH]
  10. [quote name='Snail']I have the IP range blocked, so it still can get through, but yes, that is a security risk. Please pose when you have an updated package. Thank you for all your hard work.[/QUOTE] Update is uploaded, any risk is deletet.
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